Welcome Chao Feng into the Nine Dragon Academy

October 11, 2009 — Da Shi Xiong Matt Talbert

The Jiu Long Pai would like to thank everyone who came to the Eye Opening Ceremony last night.  This was the awakening of our school’s first lion, which is a very important event in the traditions of a new school.

The Eye Opening Ceremony is one in which a new lion is brought to life.  The lion is blessed so that he can chase away evil spirits and bring auspiciousness and good luck.  The new lion will help bring prosperity to the school and serve as a symbol of what the school stands for.  Every school’s ceremony will be slightly different as it represents the wishes and heart of the school.  Our school follows Buddhist traditions and philosophy so our ceremony was a Buddhist ceremony.  Once the lion was blessed and the vital parts of the lion where awakened, we gave the lion his new name and duties. Once the lion is named, he is considered an official member of the Jiu Long Pai with his own life, responsibilities, and personality.

We named this lion Chao Feng(嘲 風 Cháo Fēng) .  Chao Feng was one of the nine dragon sons of the Dragon Emperor and was well known for being fearless. Chao Feng will embody the spirit and principles of the Nine Dragon Academy.  He is a symbol of growth and prosperity and upholding strong values.  He is a guardian of the school and a constant reminder to us all to never do evil but only good.

We would like to thank everyone who came to the event to help us awaken the spirit of our lion and to welcome him as a member of the Jiu Long Pai. We would like to extend special gratitude towards the Venerable Monks from Fo Guang Shan who presided over the ceremony.